Vlogtober Day 2 – Texas Pyramids

Simplicity is the name of the mother flipping game. This is day 2 of Vlogtober/Blogtober.

I’ll be taking you on a journey through the meaning behind my song lyrics for songs released during my current challenge which is the #keepit100withthyself challenge. Currently, I am on day 18 and the song is Texas Pyramids.

Vlogtober/Blogtober Day 2: Texas Pyramids



In this video, I break down my theory of humans being more extraordinary than pyramids, my travels outside of the USA that sparked lines for the song, sleep routines, not being distracted by social media and more!

This song shows up on my album, Excuse My Graffiti, which you can stream here.

Day 18 – Texas Pyramids (Prod. By Gudetar)




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