Digital Portfolio


It has been quite the journey these last few months during my time taking online classes through Full Sail University. I’m enrolled for Media Communication. This post is a highlight of projects I am most proud of during the duration of the courses. The first was a mood board for my assignment for week two in my Aesthetics and Theory of Communications class. This was a play on the colors of the United States Flag in correlation with the mistreatment of African Americans throughout history. The next few items are the development of my personal brand/logo, “Dab Troll”. During the course, I needed to make social media links for class. Already having a few for my music that have been used for years, after finishing the course, I didn’t want multiple twitter, facebook, instagram, etc… accounts so I created a hub or persona. With Dab Troll, I will use it to house all of my ideas and works. The next is a personal project, my first book. It is a fiction called, “Ideas of Illusion.” and it will be released in November. Currently, I am gathering reservations for it. Reserve a copy here.  


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