So in preparation for the release of my first book, “Ideas of Illusion.” on my instagram, I have been doing 500 word short stories based off comments I get for inspiration every week.

So this weeks story was inspired by a travel bag emoji and the other part was a line ‘japanese time capsule.’ Making the prompt for this week, “Travel bag & Japanese Time Capsule.” Every Saturday I’ll do a post requesting for anyone to drop a comment and I’ll create a short 500 word story.
Last week’s story is here –>

Without further ado, here is my short story for this week
“Proof From Taured.” Short Story by me

“He’s crazy if he believes he can do this.” Taured got wind of one of his colleague’s statement as he zipped up his travel bag. He paid them no mind. Taured traveled back in time once but only he knew. Everyone in his lab tried to travel back in time but failed. Taured didn’t have proof but that day he planned on changing that.
“What’s in the bag?” One of his colleagues asked. Taured grabbed his laser pen and engraved, ‘Proof from Taured’ on his bag.
He walked towards the time machine. Everyone in the lab surrounded him hoping to either laugh at his failure or shocked by his success. Taured picked up his bag and hit the engage button. He looked at everyone as they stood confused for nothing happened right away.
Then a spark of light manifested in front of Tuared. It became silent in the lab. In an instant that spark turned into a blinding orb, forcing everyone to cover their eyes. When they removed their hands, Taured dematerialized.
Taured arrived with his travel bag in the center of a street full of people dressed up in weird cloths. He maneuvered through the flock of pedestrians to a drugstore that was open.

He walked up to the clerk and asked, “Where am I?”

The clerk gave a bizarre glare and replied, “Tokyo, Japan.”

Taured continued, “And the year?”

The old clerk grew frustrated as he felt Taured was a drunk causing trouble.

“Get out!” The clerk shouted. As Taured walked out, he glanced at the date on the newspaper.

‘October, 31st, 2016,’ it displayed. “Perfect. Halloween!” He thought.

He walked back outside to figure out how to draw attention to himself before his time there diminished. Taured blended in with his lab cloths. He forced his way through the crowd and without hesitation, pushed a guy in a pirate costume. People formed a circle around the two at once, as they expected to see a fight. Taured could hear the police sirens. He looked at his watch, glanced back at the guy in the pirate costume, and smiled.

Taured threw the bag at the pirate and vanished. Everyone looked in disbelief. The pirate ran away before the police found him. Taured was never to be seen again.

After a few months the lab was still trying to come to grips with what they saw. One day, they received a visitor carrying a bag, displaying their logo, with the words ‘Proof from Taured’ engraved on it.

“Where did you get this bag?” One of the scientist asked.

“I got it a few decades ago on Halloween. Why was this in a capsule in the bag?” The old man asked. He showed them a picture of a young Taured and a man in his early thirties. The old man stated that the man was him but he is unsure who that little boy is. The back of the picture read,

‘Me and Dad. August 23rd 2028.’ Taured age 11.

stay connected, my instagram is @graffitithemindson and my twitter is @storiesbyprince .
Have a good one!


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