Book Review – Black Matters : The Scientific Intervention in Our Affairs – Volume 1 by ZAZA ALI


Page Count: 214

Release Date : May of 2015.

Read again : Hell yes. Many times.

Favorite quote of the book:”The devil is not a character in a book. It is not a spirit that overcomes humanity periodically and forces them to do evil. The devil is found in laboratories across this country; in vaccinations headquarters in Africa; in planned parenthoods and abortion clinics; in hospitals where organs are removed and sold to the highest bidders; and of course in the buildings where the laws of this land are carried out and used against its citizens.” ZAZA ALI


I want to start this off by saying, in 2016, if you think police brutality is our biggest issue as a melenated person in America, you are sadly mistaken.

What I like about this book is, I knew this was going to be jammed packed with information but the queen ZAZA ALI broke it down in portions for the reader to digest properly. So I shall do the same with this review. I will break down each chapter with a few sentences on what stuck out to me.

Introduction: A brief overview of Zaza Ali’s life as it pertains to the subject matter of this book, as well as a breakdown and estimated release of the other two volumes of her Black Matters series. Well done and appreciated. I know I will be getting the other two volumes as well.

The Scientific Intervention in Our Affairs: I would consider this the introduction part two. Zaza Ali’s starts this chapter with a quoted text by Bertrand Russell. He states various ways of population control. Zaza continues after the quote drawing up some good thinking points. Our DNA has been studied for centuries. It is not far fetch to think, various ways white supremacy can create ways to destroy us without us knowing.

Eugenics: This chapter starts off with a small quote from Margret Sanger, “who is credited with the foundations of the birth control pill, Planned Parenthood, and abortion as a means to an end for unwanted pregnancies.” (quoted description are Zaza’s words) saying,”Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.” Yes Margret Sanger said that shit. The queen Zaza brings up many good points in this chapter, but the one that stuck out to me was the fact that with the introduction of the birth control, went the decline of sexual responsibility. “Although sexual intercourse prior to its advent never guaranteed monogamy or healthy families, it certainly opened the door for promiscuity, STD’s, and the continuance of the over sexualizing generations of girls and women.” -Zaza Ali

Vaccines: The point of this chapter is the illusion of helping by way of vaccines. Basically, create a disease, have the ‘cure’ to prevent you from catching, but surprise! The ‘Cure’ is actually the disease. This chapter, as well as this book, has many references you can look up. So I would if I were you, look up the knowledge being dropped. It can save your life or a loved one. IT’S THAT SERIOUS.

Chemtrails, Genetically Modified Food & HAARP/ Geoengineering: We are being poisoned from the sky. Not from the creator, but from the wannabe’s. Everything we need to survive and thrive is given to us from mother earth. If it does not have a seed, what are you eating? Herbicides and toxins causes disorders to Blacks ranging from loss of memory, cancer and death.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) More of a break down of the previous chapter. I’m glad she made this another chapter to really get down to the nitty gritty.

Gender Bending Chemicals & Blurring the Lines Between Male & Female : This is, in my opinion, one of the heaviest chapters. I personally have no issue with Gay, Bi, lesbians, or Trans people. Be happy. For blacks and anyone in general, lets take a look at who were known, historically, to have a gay past? Romans? Catholics? Greek? Not Africa, Not Latin America, Not Asia. So what happened that blacks are leading in LBGT? Like I said, if you are happy be happy but just know that there are chemicals, there are food, things that literally can alter your natural hormones and body makeup, causing you to identify with the opposite sex. This chapter goes into the scientific warfare of these chemicals and lifestyles. Be happy, but make sure its at your own accord.

Crack Cocaine – Made In America : Read the book

Fluoride / Lead Poisoning : Read the book

Organ Trafficking : Read the book

Mercury poisoning in dentistry – Slow Death : Read the book

Supreme Wisdom – Please, Read the book.

This is my very first book review. I plan on doing many more. Format will change. I may do a chapter by chapter review or a half the book review. I don’t want to take away anything from the Author, especially this book. I hope with what I provided you order it directly from here site ( like I did, and follow her as she spreads awareness to the black communities.

I’ll grade by the want to reread it.

This book is a multiple reread.

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