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My name is Kevin. I’m a writer. In elementary I would always write stories mimicing my favorite author at the time, R.L. Stine. I was doing poetry and eventually in the 6th grade was bit by the ‘Music Bug’. Since, then until I was about 22, I didn’t even think about writing stories because I thought music was it for me. I limited myself and suppressed years of stories until I started to over flow with story ideas. Due to me being exposed to so many walks of life and genres in Art, Music, and Film, my stories will range from Fiction to Personal experiences, to just about anything I think of. I created this blog in the hopes of expressing myself through everyday life experiences, ideas, people & things that inspire me, and life in general without having to take on the roll of a persona, like I do with my music. My first book ‘Ideas of Illusion‘ is set to be released at the end of August. Don’t be a ‘Grammar Nazi’. Perfection is a never ending tunnel of future blank pages.